Recreating the Apple web site using ProSite

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Last week we introduced you to our new web site builder, ProSite. We package over 170 stunning templates which allow you to build a stunning web site in minutes. However, one of the best things about ProSite is just how flexible and powerful it really is. You can take our templates and really make them your own - fully customising them to create a design that looks exactly how you want it.

To demonstrate this, we challenged ourselves to take one of our existing web site templates and fully customise it to create a design worthy of one the world's most admired brands: Apple. See how easy it is to add images, adjust menus and tweak the layout of your site right from your browser. Adding slideshows, maps, videos, contact forms and even adding multiple languages are all made effortlessly possible with ProSite's intuitive drag and drop site editor.

If you're looking to create a website, ProSite is included free of charge with all of our hosting packages. Try out the online demo yourself - no signup required! If you're ready to start a web site, sign up for one of our low cost hosting plans today and build a gorgeous web site in no time!

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