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Learn more about Cloud VPS, Dedicated Servers and Complex Managed Hosting and discover the best fit for you!

What is a Cloud VPS and why choose it?

A Cloud VPS operates and behaves exactly the same as a standalone dedicated server. It has it's own dedicated allocation of RAM, CPU and IP addresses, and applications and web sites can be installed on it in just the same way as they can with a dedicated server.

However, it is a truly green solution, as rather than an entire server being dedicated for your own use, many Cloud VPS can exist on one very powerful server. In today's energy consciuous world, a Cloud VPS is the eco hosting choice that reduces energy usage and avoids under-utilized hardware.

A Cloud VPS differs from a 'traditional' VPS in that it's resources are distributed across multiple physical servers, including powerful storage platforms and hypervisors, providing resiliance and redundancy with the ability to 'self-heal' in the event of hardware problems.

In many ways, a Cloud VPS offers advantages over a dedicated server as it is scalable, highly-available and uses an underlying storage infrastructure that provides faster than SSD performance. What's more, as your application may not require the full resources of a dedicated server, you only pay for what you need, keeping costs low.

  • Virtualization is an efficient and truly green hosting solution.
  • Self-healing architecture with built in hardware failover.
  • Highly available storage that delivers an insane level of performance, faster than SSD!
  • Pay only for what you need - add more CPU, RAM and Disk as you grow.
  • Server behaves just like a dedicated server.
  • Available Unmanaged, Basic Managed & Fully Managed.
  • Can be more expensive compared to a dedicated server if lots of CPU, memory or disk are required.

What is a Dedicated Server and why choose it?

With a dedicated server, you're leasing the use of an entire physical server that is not shared by anyone else, hosted in one of our datacenters. It's referred to as a 'dedicated' server because it's usually a single machine entirely dedicated to a specific customer or task. This compares to 'shared' hosting where you have a single hosting account on a server with other hosting accounts, or a Cloud VPS where you have a slice of a powerful server's resources allocated for your exclusive use. With a dedicated server, you have the entire machine - so all of the processors, all of the memory and all of the hard drives are purely working for the benefit of your sites and applications.

There are many benefits of using a dedicated server, such as the flexibility to choose the hardware specification to meet your requirements, and the resilience, reliability and security of not sharing a single component with another entity.

Generally speaking, a dedicated server is beneficial over a Cloud VPS only if your application requires significant multi-core processing capacity, if you have very high disk space storage requirements that may be prohibitively expensive under a Cloud VPS, or if it's critical that your application must not share hardware with other entities due to strict security requirements.

  • All hardware dedicated for your exclusive use.
  • Built to spec - you can specify the exact hardware requirements.
  • Highly cost effective for Disk/CPU/Memory intensive use cases.
  • Highest security level for extremely sensitive data.
  • Available Unmanaged, Basic Managed & Fully Managed.
  • Can be unnecessarily expensive compared to a Cloud VPS if only a small amount of CPU, memory or disk are required.
  • No inherent self-healing architecture, though redundancies can be added.

What is Complex Managed Hosting and why choose it?

Complex Managed Hosting is our term for a hosting solution which doesn't fit a normal mould.

With Complex Managed Hosting, we will craft a custom designed hosting environment to meet your exact requirements. This may include a cluster of servers with load balancing, database replication, caching layers and more to provide the highest level of uptime and resilience.

Complex Managed Hosting is always entirely managed by Kualo, with enterprise level SLAs and your own account manager. It's ideal for customers who demand zero downtime, maximum speeds and an extremely hands on approach to management and support.

  • Fully managed hosting environment.
  • Designed to meet your exact requirements.
  • High availability with multi-server load balancing and failover available.
  • Possible to use hybrid Cloud and Dedicated stacks.
  • Virtually any use case or solution can be catered for. If you can dream it, we can host it!
  • As a premium solution, it carries a higher price point.