PayPal SHA256 Compatibility

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If you use PayPal to process payments for your business, you may have received an E-Mail from them informing you about their upcoming service upgrade:


PayPal is upgrading the SSL certificate used for to SHA-256. This endpoint is also used by merchants using their Instant Payment Notification (IPN) product.

We can confirm that all of our shared and reseller hosting servers are SHA-256 compliant.

If your website uses an SSL certificate, then you need to make sure that the SSL uses SHA-2 and not the older SHA-1 hash algorithm. You can do that by entering your site address here.

All new certificates that we issue for hashed using SHA-2, however if you are using a SHA-1 certificate bought from us in the past, you can contact us to have it re-issued free of charge via the help desk in our client portal at

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