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MailMachine is a new cloud-based email marketing tool that boasts an impressive set of features - with an entry level plan that is completely free of charge. Designed for both seasoned email marketeers as well as those new to mass mailing looking for an easy way to send newsletters, MailMachine's feature-set packs an impressive punch.
Customers can subscribe to the base level plan which allows you to build a list of up to 2,000 subscribers and send up to 15,000 emails every month without incurring any cost whatsoever. The plan is not a trial and never expires - many other providers charge at least $10 per month for a similar service.
"We wanted to create a service that enables everybody, including small organisations with limited resources, to make the most out of sending newsletters and marketing communications by email,"

said Jo Stonehouse, Kualo's Managing Director.
"While having fancy HTML and CSS skills is certainly very impressive, we realise that not everyone can be an email-coding expert. One of the great features of MailMachine is our Campaign Builder, which through its point and click interface, means anyone can create a beautiful email newsletter in minutes. Not only is MailMachine incredibly easy to use, but by making the entry level plan free, anyone can take advantage of keeping in regular contact with their customers."

MailMachine takes the headache out of sending newsletters by managing your list for you and helping ensure you always comply with spam laws, as well as providing detailed statistics so you know how effective your email campaigns are. Also included are advanced-level features such as A/B Split Testing, Auto Responders, Email Scheduling, Mail Merge, integration with Google maps, Twitter and Facebook, and much more. Customers with existing lists can easily import them from a spreadsheet or use one of the many integrations with 3rd parties, such as ZenDesk and SalesForce. For international customers, MailMachine is also available in French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Turkish & Norwegian.

To sign up to MailMachine visit www.kualo.com/email-marketing.

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