Six approaches for future-proof email marketing

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Wondering how you can make the most out of email marketing? Mark Brownlow has written a very interesting article on the best things to focus on while creating your email marketing campaigns. How well are you sticking by these guidelines?

  1. Understand the true meaning of value: avoid one-way value, don’t overestimate value, don’t misunderstand value : the value that count is the value for the recipient, not yours.
  2. Be willing to tweak and change:Each new email is an opportunity to test a tweak, and each tweak can have a surprisingly positive impact.
    * Subject line tests that double open rates over time
    * Changes in link wording that produce over 50% more clicks
    * From line tests that pull in over 20% more clicks
    * Link format tests (button vs text) that increase clicks 67%
  3. Respect the basics
  4. Be unique: Valuable content and offers, permission, creative design, relevancy, timing, personalization, customization etc. are important factors that can take your email marketing amplifier all the way up to 10. What takes it up to 11?
  5. Use common sense
  6. Dig deeper in the numbers

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