Charges for System Administration Tasks

If you're on our Fully Managed service level, there are no additional charges for the majority of system administration tasks, except where the work is of a non-standard nature. For customers on our Basic Managed level, charges will always apply when we have to have a system administrator perform work on your server, but will be at reduced rates compared to the regular unmanaged server charge.

Our Fully Managed service level goes far beyond what is included at the vast majority of 'managed' server providers, for an incredibly low fee.



Basic Managed

Fully Managed

Basic Assistance with using cPanel/WHM - FREE FREE
Basic Assistance in Connecting to the Server FREE FREE FREE
Server Reboots FREE FREE FREE
Service Restarts $7.5 FREE FREE
Firewall Configuration $45 FREE FREE
Application Firewall Configuration $45 FREE FREE
Kernel Upgrades $45 FREE FREE
cPanel Backups Configuration $45 FREE FREE
Full or Partial Backup Restores $30 $15 FREE
Server Tuning & Optimization $150 $75 FREE
PHP Recompile $45 $23 FREE
MySQL Upgrade $220 $110 FREE
Configuring DNS Cluster $30 $15 FREE
NGINX Configuration $120 $60 FREE
LiteSpeed Configuration $150 $75 FREE
PCI Compliance Audit Resolution $150/hr $75/hr FREE
Diagnosing & Resolving cPanel Related Errors $120/hr $60/hr FREE
Diagnosing & Resolving Service Related Errors $120/hr $60/hr FREE
Diagnosing & Resolving Capacity / Performance Issues $120/hr $60/hr FREE
Diagnosing & Resolving Application / Website Issues $120/hr $60/hr Best Effort
CloudLinux Installation $150 $75 $75
Custom Scripting / Automation $200/hr $100/hr $100/hr
Misc. System Administration $120/hr $60/hr $60/hr

While we impose no minimum term on our Fully Managed service, downgrades from Fully Managed to Basic Managed or Unmanaged will incur a one time fee of $150 to cover the system administration time involved in this process.