How to increase engagement in your email marketing campaigns!

Written by Jo Stonehouse
If you're using MailMachine, or any other email marketing tool for that matter, you'll probably be keeping a keen eye the statistics of the email campaigns you send out. To make email marketing a real success, you need to look beyond the basics, and get truly down and dirty. Are you getting more orders? Are people clicking the links in your campaigns? Are they even opening your emails at all? If not, why not, and what can you do about it? We call this engagement, and it's vital that you are always working on ways to improve your engagement level in order to make mass email campaigns a successful part of your marketing strategy.

So let's dig deeper into how we can measure this and make changes...

7 Successful Email Marketing Tips

Written by Jo Stonehouse
So, you've signed up for your MailMachine account, and you're ready to start email marketing. Whilst it's easy to get a list of people together, throw together an email and hope that it works - we hope that won't be your approach as in all honesty, it'll be a waste of your time and effort. To truly succeed with your email marketing efforts, you need to follow these seven golden rules.

The ultimate PHP configuration for cPanel servers!

Written by Jo Stonehouse
A couple of days ago we wrote about how we improved security and increased uptime to provide even more stable and reliable shared hosting.

Today we want to tell you more about some more benefits of our unique server setup - in particular, with regards to PHP.

How to start your own blog using WordPress

Written by Jo Stonehouse
For years, we've had customers asking us if we have a blog. We didn't, but not through lack of desire! I'd wanted Kualo to have a blog for a long time - it's a great way to connect with customers and a fantastic way to add good content to your web site to improve your search engine ranking. So several months ago we made a half-hearted attempt to set one up and customise it to suit our branding - but we approached it in the wrong way, the branding process became too complex, and inevitably the blog never even got off the ground. But here we are today, blogging away with our second attempt. No longer do we have to tell customers that a blog is 'in the works'.

So, how did we do it?

The secret to rock solid shared server security and uptime!

Written by Jo Stonehouse
Two of the most important issues faced by a shared web host are server security and uptime. Everyone in the industry advertises that their servers are secure, and that they provide 99.9% uptime - but the fact is when it comes to dealing with a compromised account affecting the whole server or a single user overloading the server and long service downtimes, this advertising just becomes gibberish. We want to differentiate Kualo from other web hosts by having truly phenomenal uptime, and we can happily say that our shared hosting environment really does deliver on that goal.

So what's our secret sauce?